Our Story

Our Story

Our History

Oil was discovered in Glenpool in one of the only locations in the country in 1905 by wildcatters Robert Galbreath and Frank Chesley.  A gusher was struck on Nov. 22 on a tiny farm owned by Ida E. Glenn known as the Glenn Pool.  Since then, more than 340 million barrels have been produced, which most notably made the Tulsa area famous.  This oil was instrumental in supporting our troops and vehicles in World War II.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Glenpool Chamber of Commerce is to promote business so our community can THRIVE


Develop a strong sense of value for members in their membership.

Strategies Branding

  • Regionally communicate our story
  • Communicate business-friendly, professional environment to attract professionals
  • Tell the Glenpool story

Membership Value

  • Regionalize chamber events
  • Provide valuable relationship-building opportunities for members
  • Provide valuable marketing opportunities for businesses