• Programs and Events


  • We know that there is a world of opportunity out there. We also know that 24 hours in a day isn't nearly enough to accomplish everything you wish you could. That's why we have a monthly events that vary in time and days of the week to accommodate as many schedules as possible. We have monthly events, as well as annual events.

    Check out our calendar tab to read more about this month's upcoming events.

    Monthly Events

    1st Friday: Ambassador Committee

    2nd Wednesday: Business Luncheon

    3rd Wednesday: BOD Meeting

    4th Thursday: After Hours


    Annual Events

    January: Annual Awards Banquet and Auction

    April: Annual Golf Tournament

    June: Black Gold Days

    September - January: Leadership Glenpool

    December: Christmas Parade,

    December: Golden Tickets, 














    To support and advocate for business and community prosperity.




    To cultivate a thriving business environment resulting in a superior quality of life.




    1. Brand Glenpool regionally as a destination city

    2. Develop a strong sense of value for members in their membership

    3. Implement a plan to become self-sufficient


    Strategies Branding


    Regionally communicate our story

    Communicate business friendly, professional environment to attract young professionals

    Tell our story to the citizens of Glenpool through social media


    Membership Value


    Regionalize Chamber events

    Provide valuable relationship building opportunities for members to build their network

    Provide valuable marketing opportunities for businesses to communicate their company to the public

    Maintain an 85% member retention rate

    Increase new members 5% annually


    Plan for Self-Sufficiency


    Maintain a task force to assess feasibility