• Leadership Glenpool Class IV is now accepting nominations and applications. Leadership Glenpool is a program where students attend classes that are aimed to inform citizens of topics regarding their community. A variety of topics will be covered, such as public safety, economic development, public education, city government, and more!

    I learned so much about the wonderful city of Glenpool that it made me love it even more!  I always looked forward to the next class because it was either a new challenge or adventure that I couldn’t wait to explore.  Upon completion of the course I was able to present myself as a more informed and educated leader in the community.  Thank You Leadership Glenpool!'
    Kathy Ann Bright

    'I think of Leadership Glenpool as Glenpool 101 because it gave the the past history of the community, access to meeting the current leadership and the vision for the future. I would encourage anyone to take this class if you desire to be a relevant part of Glenpool's success.' 
    Heather Scherer
    Living Water United Methodist Church/The Well Coffee Shop

    'Glenpool Leadership classes are a great investment of time.  If you are thinking about running for an office or just getting involved or just want to educate yourself about Glenpool, you will learn a lot of the interworks of our City.  Each week is an overview slice of some segment of our City.  You will see the Police, Fire, Glenpool Public Schools and our City Hall structure like you’ve never imaged.  I was a 29 year resident and had completed 8 years as a Council Member and I saw and learned things that I hadn’t grasp before.  I would encourage every concerned citizen that wants to get involved, enroll TODAY!'
    Tim Fox
    Glenpool City Council 

    Tuition for the class is $250 per student. Classes are Thursday evenings from 6-9pm every other week for 9 sessions beginning with our Leadership Glenpool Alumni Reunion and Orientation September 3rd. Due to holidays, graduation will be at the Annual Awards Banquet January 2016
    If you are interested in applying,  download an application here. 

    If you are interested in nominating someone, email info@glenpoolchamber.org the following:
    • Your name, company, phone and email
    • Name, company, phone, and email of the person you are nominating
    • Brief explanation of why you are nominating this person
    For more information, contact the chamber today at 918-322-3505.

    Deadline for applications is Friday, August 21nd by 5pm








    Promoting business so our community can thrive



    To cultivate a thriving business environment resulting in a superior quality of life.



    • Develop a strong sense of value for members in their membership


    Strategies Branding

    Regionally communicate our story

    Communicate business-friendly, professional environment to attract professionals

    Tell our story to the citizens of Glenpool through social media


    Membership Value

    Regionalize chamber events

    Provide valuable relationship-building opportunities for members

    Provide valuable marketing opportunities for businesses

    Maintain an 85% member retention rate

    Increase new members 5% annually

    Plan for Self-Sufficiency

    Maintain a task force to assess feasibility