Our city is full of a host of available plots of land, buildings, and shopping center spaces for new and expanding businesses.

    Download this PDF to read statistics and pertinent information about relocating or building in our city.

    Download this PDF for a snapshot map of Glenpool.

    Download this PDF to view our available properties for sale. 


    The term #Glenpool is definitely trending, but we're more than just a hashtag! Watch now to find out why your family and business should move to Glenpool if you want to be a part of a growing, prosperous, family oriented community.










    Promoting Business So Our Community Can Thrive



    To cultivate a thriving business environment resulting in a superior quality of life.



    • Develop a strong sense of value for members in their membership


    Strategies Branding

    Regionally communicate our story

    Communicate business-friendly, professional environment to attract professionals

    Tell our story to the citizens of Glenpool through social media


    Membership Value

    Regionalize chamber events

    Provide valuable relationship-building opportunities for members

    Provide valuable marketing opportunities for businesses

    Maintain an 85% member retention rate

    Increase new members 5% annually

    Plan for Self-Sufficiency

    Maintain a task force to assess feasibility